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Email & Calendar

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professional cloud email using your own brand domain

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from $6.90 per user/monthly
Web Hosting

shared, dedicated or cloud

With plenty of options to choose from, find the right fit for your business.

From a simple website to complex cloud storage.

from $5.99 per month
Managed Cloud Services

Human-to-Human tech support from just $189/month

Focus on running your business with on-call support, administration and managed cloud services

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We'll register your domain, map your emails, host your website & make your life easier


Managed Services & Support



per month
  • Phone Supportby Humans
  • Remote Supportby Humans
  • Blocked Hours2 hour to 40 hours
  • Website Administration
  • Technical Support
  • Domain Managment
  • Access Control
  • Fast Response Times
    (From Humans)
  • Dedicated Account Managersget to your expert, when you need them.
  • Easy-to-use PortalAccess everything you need, in one place.
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Can I have branded emails ?

Yep, you sure can !
If your domain is with us we can map everything for your provider. Pretty neat right ?


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